Why Use A Realtor®?

REALTOR® Code of Ethics

By working with a member of The National Association Of Realtors®, you are assured that you will be treated with the utmost professionalism and respect.

The Code of Ethics addresses the following issues.

Article 1: Protect and Promote Your Client’s Interests, But be Honest with All Parties

Article 2: Avoid Exaggeration, Misrepresentation, and Concealment of Pertinent Facts. Do Not Reveal Facts that are Confidential Under the Scope of Your Agency Relationship

Article 3: Cooperate with Other Real Estate Professionals to Advance Client’s Best Interests

Article 4: When Buying or Selling, Make Your Position in the Transaction or Interest Known

Article 5: Disclose Present or Contemplated Interest in Any Property to All Parties

Article 6: Avoid Side Deals without Client’s Informed Consent

Article 7: Accept Compensation from Only One Party, Except with Full Disclosure and Informed Consent

Article 8: Keep the Funds of Clients and Customers in Escrow

Article 9: Assure, Whenever Possible, that Transactional Details are in Writing

Article 10: Provide Equal Service to All Clients and Customers

Article 11: Be Knowledgeable and Competent in the Fields of Practice in Which You Ordinarily Engage. Obtain Assistance or Disclose Lack of Experience if Necessary

Article 12: Present a True Picture in Your Advertising and Other Public Representations

Article 13: Do Not Engage in the Unauthorized Practice of Law

Article 14: Be a Willing Participant in Code Enforcement Procedures

Article 15: Ensure that Your Comments about Other Real Estate Professionals are Truthful, and Not Misleading

Article 16: Respect the Agency Relationships, and other Exclusive Relationships Recognized by Law, that Other REALTOR® have with their Clients

Article 17: Arbitrate Contractual and Specific Non-Contractual Disputes with Other REALTORS® and with Your Clients

Just for clarification, even if there was not a REALTOR® Code of Ethics to follow, you can be assured I will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve, as I do not need a written doctrine to tell me how to treat others. It’s in my nature to do what is best for my clients at all times.

I, Roni Lambrecht, pledge to abide by

the REALTOR® Code of Ethics as stated above.